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The 7 Day Startup community is a passionate group of entrepreneurs who are helping each other get shit done.

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Membership Inclusions

  • Private Facebook Group

    Join us in a private Facebook group where we help each other start, grow and scale our businesses. Topics range from launch, growth to scale with a big focus on online and content marketing. Our community manager ensures all threads get a high value response.

  • Slack Group

    Our Slack Group is the best way to communicate live with other like minded entrepreneurs in a mobile-friendly, distraction free environment. Get fast feedback on your ideas, solutions to your problems and form mastermind groups with other members.

  • Video Training

    Full access to the 7 Day Startup video training course valued at $159. The course includes 8 modules that follow the 7 Day Startup process.

  • Best Practice Resources

    To help the members we keep a central record of best practice resources for 7 Day Startup businesses. Resources range from frameworks to help with growing your business, lists of best practice WordPress themes and examples of successful 7 Day Startup implementations.


From Unemployed to $20k MRR in 3 Months

I was unexpectedly unemployed in September of 2014. The 7 Day Startup process inspired me to start a graphic design service, Design Pickle. 3 months later we were doing $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue and within 6 months we hit $30k.

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Our Members

Wondering if you are a good fit for the 7 Day Startup community? These are the types of people who are enjoying the group right now.

New Business Owners

A lot of people struggle with how to get started in business. The 7 Day Startup has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Online Business Owners

Online business is a big focus for the community, most of our members have either online businesses or use online marketing to power their offline businesses.

Content Marketers & Bloggers

Content Marketing is a popular strategy to build online businesses or send leads to offline businesses. We have a lot of bloggers / content marketers in the group.

Successful Startup Founders

A lot of our members have successful businesses, and still get value out of fast and high impact communication with other successful startup founders.

Join a passionate group of entrepreneurs and get your unfair advantage. The community membership is $299 USD yearly.

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