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Your online business problem, has been solved by someone.

So what stands between you and a profitable online business? Key people? The right advice? Marketing knowledge? 7 Day Startup Pro is an online membership which gives you access to world class marketers, training videos, frameworks for getting shit done quickly and expert video interviews, for a low yearly fee.

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$199 USD yearly (normally $249)

The number 1 hack for executing quickly and well

Hi I'm Dan. I’m a serial entrepreneur, content marketer, international speaker and two time #1 bestselling Amazon business book author.

I’ve been in business for 9 years and I’ve had every result from extreme failure to ‘overnight’ success. My biggest lesson has been that the people who win, are the people who are able to execute quickly and execute well.

This means launching quickly but it also means coming to the right decisions quickly and moving on.

I've built 7 Day Startup Pro for this one purpose. This is where I hang out with the best people who can help me execute my business well. It's where I store my best business and online marketing frameworks and video training on marketing topics ranging from copywriting to web design to personal goals and growth.

Our Facebook and Slack community is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs who are here to help you make the right decision quickly. Our community includes a full range of people from first time entrepreneurs, to world class copywriters, bloggers, designers and marketers. We chat every day and solve each other’s problems quickly.

If you want the accountability and support of a smart, experienced group of entrepreneurs at your disposal, I suggest you join. See you inside.

Dan Norris - Founder WP Curve & author of The 7 Day Startup.

Membership Inclusions

The 7 Day Startup Pro community is here to do 1 job, help you execute the right decision quickly. This is how we do it.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Join us in a private Facebook group where we help each other start, grow and scale our businesses. Topics range from launch, growth to scale with a big focus on online and content marketing. Our community manager ensures all threads get a high value response. Every member has an ongoing case study so we know where you are at with your business and can add more value over time.

  • Slack Group

    Our Slack Group is the best way to communicate live with other like minded entrepreneurs in a mobile-friendly, distraction free environment. Get fast feedback on your ideas, solutions to your problems and form mastermind groups with other members. We have members all around the world so there is always someone around to help you.

  • Framework Library

    Our framework library contains all of the various processes and frameworks we use to grow our businesses. These range from Crowdfunding plans, to social media delegation processes to project name worksheets and content marketing procedures. We have lists of preferred freelancers, top places for stock images and WordPress themes and more. The community work on these on an ongoing basis to make sure the resources are adding value to the group.

  • Video Archive

    The video archive contains 29 videos on topics ranging from Content Marketing to startups to copywriting to personal development and goal setting. My 8-module course on Content Marketing and Starting up a business are included as well as all videos from The 7 Day Startup Challenge featuring 13 world class entrepreneurs (see more below).

The 7 Day Startup Challenge ran from 19 to 25 Jan 2016 live on Blab. We had 1-3 calls per day with world class online marketing experts on a range of topics. All 13 videos are included in 7 Day Startup Pro.


Taki Moore

Branding, Marketing and Sales Frameworks with Taki Moore.


Nathan Chan

A marketing funnel from front end content, to webinar to sale.


Kevin Rogers

Learn Kevin's 6 step copywriting framework for boosting sales.


Tom Morkes

A proven approach to launching a best selling book on Amazon.


Michael O'Neal

Building an authority brand through podcasting.


Natalie Sisson

Building a business with travel in mind.


Rob Walling

How to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Alan Crabbe

How to raise money with Crowd Funding.


Erika Geraerts

How to build a world class brand with Erika from Frank Body.


Nick Davis

Choosing a best practice WordPress theme.


Chris Ducker

How to build a world class website.


Joanna Wiebe

Copywriting and website reviews with Joanna from Copy Hackers.


James Schramko

Goal setting and mindset for high performance.


The Merrymaker Sisters

How to enjoy life as an entrepreneur.

From Unemployed to $30k MRR in 6 Months

I was unexpectedly unemployed in September of 2014. The 7 Day Startup process inspired me to start a graphic design service, Design Pickle. 3 months later we were doing $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue and within 6 months we hit $30k.

Read full case study.

Our Members

Wondering if you are a good fit for the 7 Day Startup community? These are the types of people who are enjoying the group right now.

New Business Owners

A lot of people struggle with how to get started in business. The 7 Day Startup has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Online Business Owners

Online business is a big focus for the community, most of our members have either online businesses or use online marketing to power their offline businesses.

Content Marketers & Bloggers

Content Marketing is a popular strategy to build online businesses or send leads to offline businesses. We have a lot of bloggers / content marketers in the group.

Successful Startup Founders

A lot of our members have successful businesses, and still get value out of fast and high impact communication with other successful startup founders.

Member Results

Here are some specific problems that our group has helped members solve.

Join 7 Day Startup Pro today for $199 USD yearly (normally $249). See you inside!

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