Quotes from The 7 Day Startup

Quotes from the book for your sharing pleasure.


Execution is your ability to present your idea just as well as the best ideas in the world CLICK TO TWEET THIS



People don’t know what they don’t want until they are forced to open their wallets CLICK TO TWEET THIS

If you have a conversation with a friend about your business idea this month, and next month you are having the same conversation, you are a wantrepreneur. CLICK TO TWEET THIS



It makes no sense to start a business that is going to have you doing work you don’t enjoy. CLICK TO TWEET THIS

Focusing on short-term launches or projects won’t build assets. Assets are built over time by ignoring short-term distractions in favor of a bigger, long-term vision. CLICK TO TWEET THIS



Playing the visionary is a privilege reserved for second- and third-time entrepreneurs. It’s fun, but it’s fraught with danger. CLICK TO TWEET THIS

Solve problems where people are already paying for solutions. CLICK TO TWEET THIS



Everyone might be saying that your idea is great, but look at whether or not they are currently paying for a solution to the same problem. CLICK TO TWEET THIS

A common MVP mistake is over-emphasizing the “minimum” and under-emphasizing the “viable.” CLICK TO TWEET THIS



Every single one of the top 25 brands in the world are 12 characters or less. CLICK TO TWEET THIS

Save your excitement until you land people you don’t know as customers. CLICK TO TWEET THIS



What are you working on today that will make you indestructible tomorrow? CLICK TO TWEET THIS

Always take a step back and ask yourself if it’s feasible that someone else may have solved this problem before. CLICK TO TWEET THIS



Eric Ries calls it “Build, Measure, Learn.” Michael Masterson calls it ”Ready Fire Aim.” I call it “Getting Shit Done. CLICK TO TWEET THIS

You should be more excited about Monday than you are about Friday. If that’s not the case, there’s a good chance things aren’t going to work out. CLICK TO TWEET THIS